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Disney to Scale Back Muppet Holding Sta...
BURBANK, October 4: According to published reports, several senior staff members of the Muppet Holding Co., including VP and general manager Chris Curtin, will be let go in the coming weeks. Curtin has only ...
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XENTERVISION can help you with advertizing your company.

XENTERVISION provides broadcaster, buyer and sellor not only in Korea but also at overseas with information through various news magazines, entertainment news website and global network.

Following needs for your company can be advertized through XENTERVISION's Network.


Functions, events and issues of your company's informations.

Informations including New Programmes and the ones that you hold that need to be advertized.

Informations about Contents related to Media Technology, Media Equipment and the new released products' informations on Media Products.

The information you sent within text and image will be classified by its character, and displayed on the Web.

If there is any inqiry to make, please do not hesitate to ask us by E-mail. Thank you!


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