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XET for Buyers

Clients with intent on searching for quality programs can rely on our e-catalogue system. XET archives contains listings of available programs searchable by keywords, target demographics, genre, ratings history, country, availability, number of episodes, year, format, language and much more. Emphasis will be placed on buyers to quickly search through candidates and locate the perfect program for your needs. Of course, XET consultants are readily available to walk clients through the entire process. In addition the consultants will arrange for on-line meetings to conduct additional negotiations and detailing sessions. All this is possible while client is comfortable in his or her office.

XET for Sellers

Clients focused on distributing that killer program can take advantage of XET sell module. XET helps achieve maximum program exposure through cutting-edge technology. No longer is there a need to travel to pitch your program, buyers will have access to video samples via video on demand. In addition, CRM system can sort through its archives of buyers and their buying pattern to quickly deliver customized emails of the program's availability. Willing buyers are constantly at prowls searching in XET database for programs to run on their weekend prime time slot. XET is your best bet to get your program on air.

XET for Producers

More and more joint projects are undergoing joint production worldwide. XET is excited to fill the role as the bridge between production houses and broadcasters. XET producers humbly boast some of the most successful portfolio of productions. Joint operations will greatly reduce the burden of production cost and time. Not to mention wider range of target markets. XET also features pre-sales module for clients in earlier stage of its production. XET services will locate buyers before the actual productions to help facilitate funding. Thus producers can focus on quality output instead of being burdened with constraints of limited budgeting.

XET for Executives

Taking a page out of old ancestors bartering customs, XET services offer modules where broadcasters and production houses can exchange content for content. This module will help clients double and triple its archives of programs. The synergy of additional exposure for your programs will yield positive output for your production in addition to having the luxury of obtaining new contents without the production cost. Of course, XET consultants stay with clients at both ends to see the deal stamped.


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